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March 27th - April 2nd, 2022

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This retreat has completed. Stay tuned for next year's dates!


Join us for a profoundly uplifting and transformative 7-day gathering at The Sanctuary in Costa Rica from March 27th to Aril 2nd, 2022. 

Launch into Spring with a week-long container of powerful beings devoted to empowering themselves through yogic sadhana.

The intention is simple:


Breathe, chant, move, sing, and pray your way into your most authentic being in the pristine nature of Costa Rica.


"Create space for you to download YOU."


Devoted yogi Grant Ifflander is honored to be guiding this experience for the third year in a row, and looks forward to sharing his gifts and magick with attendees.

Registration is open.

Space is limited.

$2222 for a shared room 

$2999 for a private 

Questions? Click here to access FAQ

Yogic Sadhana

Understanding the mechanics of spiritual transformation is one thing.

Doing it within a stronger container with your sangha is another. 

Come experience the power of community engaged deeply in transformative work for one week.

Your life will be changed.



The definition of magick is "to create something out of nothing". 

You have this ability. 

We all do.

Come refine your gift(s), strengthen you capacity to transform your life, and move in the direction of your dreams. 

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What to expect

Explore the Mystical Science of Yoga

Dreaming. Transforming. Manifesting.

Apply yourself to your spiritual advancement.

  • Daily yoga sessions (sadhana)

  • Kirtan, mantra, and sacred song circles 

  • Optional workshops (subject to change and group needs):

    • Workshop #1 -- Breathing, Chanting and the Vagus Nerve

    • Workshop #2 -- Magick and Manifestation

    • Workshop #3 -- Advanced Breathwork

    • Workshop #4 -- Gods and Goddesses

  • Group meditation and prayer (puja)

  • Spiritual discussions (satsang)

  • Theory and application of transformational methods

  • Yogic Fire Ceremony (dhuni)

  • Organic farm-to-table vegetarian meals 

  • Waterfall and nature excursion

  • 6 nights/ 7 days eco-luxury accommodation

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Who this is for?

You are wanting to be in community with other individuals devoted to their spiritual growth

You have the intuition pulling you to uncover the true power of Yoga

You have a strong desire to improve your relationship with yourself and all of life

You are ready to ste
p up and fully own your magical ability

See what everyone said from our very first Costa Rica retreat back in 2020:



Q: What is the cost for this investment?

A: Shared room full price tuition is $2222, private room is $2999.


Q: I really want to come on this retreat, but I cannot afford the full price. Is there anything you can do?

A: Two partial scholarships are available for those with financial need. Send an e-mail to describing your situation and your intention for joining the retreat if financial assistance is requested.

Q: What is included in the full price tuition?

A: Everything except for airfare and transportation to/from the Sanctuary. All meals, workshops, and experiences on site including eco-luxury accommodations are included in the tuition. Additional expenses may included staff gratuity, COVID testing (depending on country/airline requirements), insurance (health &/or traveler's), and additional purchases, excursions or accommodation before/after the scheduled dates of the retreat.

Q: I heard that depending on my vaccination status, I may need to purchase insurance to travel in Costa Rica. Can you confirm?

A: As of August 1, 2021 travelers entering the country with full vaccination against COVID will not be required to purchase a travel policy. If travelers wish to enter but do NOT have the vaccine against COVID, you can easily purchase the required insurance online through the approved-of Costa Rican companies listed below. You will immediately receive the confirmation information required to complete the online Health Pass.


BlueCross BlueShield

Q: How easy is it to travel to the retreat center?

A: The Sanctuary, located near Cabuya, Costa Rica, is an off-grid eco-luxury retreat center built for those wishing to experience the pristine and natural environment of Costa Rica and to deepen into their healing work. Those who find seclusion important in a retreat setting are invited to make the necessary trek to be here. Most people choose to fly in a day early and to rest/ explore San Jose city, where the international airport is located, and book an early group shuttle with other retreat participants as this is the cheapest and most convenient option. The shuttle takes about 5.5 hours and deposits you right at the entrance to the Sanctuary grounds. Once here, an off-road vehicle designed for the jungle terrain picks up your luggage so that you can walk the remaining 25 minutes through the beautiful jungle and across two rivers into the property. Rest assured, the journey is worth it, and part of what makes the experience so special. Be sure to pack your river shoes ;) 

Q: What sort of work will we be doing?

A: In my experience (as Grant and someone who has led and facilitated numerous gatherings, retreats, events, and gatherings), the energy of the group always determines the depth and potency of the work available to us. We will use a variety of techniques under the primary umbrella of Yoga and yogic science, but our work is always expansive and inclusive. Practices include the standard asanapranayama, and meditation, but will also include sacred music, chanting and singing, deep listening and partner activities to support authentic expression and connection, Tantric practices, and other modalities drawing from the various schools and methods that I've found useful in my path. Prepare for a FUN but deep and potent experience, with lots to learn and take home :)

(To learn more about my perspective on sadhana and "the work" in general, see here)

Q: I have little to no experience with yoga, am I still permitted to join this retreat?

A: While many of the participants will be practitioners, every year we have had new folks join us. The intention is always to "bridge the gap" for these people so that they fully feel like they are a part of the experience. Many of the teachings and practices, whilst 'advanced', are also very simple, straightforward and accessible. The goal is to meet each person where they are at and give them tools to support them from there. The beautiful thing is that the energy of the group (Sangha) is supportive to all in each person's respective path, regardless of experience. From someone who has no experience in the science of Yoga, to a person with years of daily practice, this retreat is for anyone who is sincerely interested in healing and transformation. 

Q: What sort of people attend this retreat? 

A: People who are interested in deepening their spiritual/healing practices, who have an open mind, and who want to learn. Our past retreats have attracted all kinds of these folk: single moms, entrepreneurs, coaches, space-holders, fellow yoga teachers, travelers, healers, corporate blue-collar workers, musicians, real estate agents, astrologers... the list goes on. 

Q: Are payment plans available, and/or what is the initial deposit requirement?

A: Depending on the time of making the initial deposit of, payment plan may or may not be available. An initial non-refundable deposit of $500 secures your spot on this retreat. A second installment of $500 is due December 15th; a third $500 due January 15th, and remaining balance due before March 15th.


AFTER December 15th, $700 is required to secure your spot on the retreat and the remaining balance due before March 15th. 


*All deposits are non-refundable but can be transferred or credited to later retreats or other events/ courses hosted by Grant.*

Q: Ok I am interested. How do I register?

A: Click the "Apply Now" button at the top of this page so that you can fill out a brief questionnaire required to submit your application and intent to join us for this transformational experience. We have found that this is helpful to help the right people find this retreat and this also creates a good match for the energy and intention of the experience. Once your application is received and approved, payment instructions will be sent to you within one business week. Venmo or paypal (friends & family) are preferred methods of electronic payment, or wire transfer.  

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