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साधना - Sanskrit - "methodical discipline to attain desired knowledge or goal"

pronounced SAH-duh-NUH

In Yoga, we refer to sādhanā as the method we use to systematically dismantle our limitations to move progressively towards a less limited way of being, and ultimately reach our fullest potential. It is "the way of accomplishment." 

Sadhana refers to the basis of our "work".


Regardless of where we are, or what we are doing, we are all attempting to overcome the doubts and fears that cloud the mind so that we can move forward in our lives and reach our potential.


 When working with me, whether it be mentoring one-on-one, group classes, retreats, coaching, or other in-person interactions, my goal is to assist you in understanding your personal system as it relates to your goals. As each person is unique, we will use whatever tools necessary to "get the job done". Getting to know one another and understanding the path is key to our success together. 

Book a Discovery Call and let us explore. 

calvin burns testimonial.jpeg

Finance at Intel

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Grant for over 10 years and been practicing yoga with him off and on for over 3 years. Playing competitive tennis and getting into the gym 3+ times a week, my body longs for rest and recuperation and Grant offers all that and more. What I will say differentiates Grant, over other yoga classes that I have taken, are the following two attributes: His overall science, body, yoga and worldly “growth” mindset and his focus areas for each pose. Being a lover of science, I enjoy hearing about what Grant has been learning about and incorporating into our practice for the day. His curiosity and thirst for knowledge is unwavering. In addition, Grant really goes into how to get the most out of each pose; where you should distribute your weight, what to have top-of-mind, what muscle you should and shouldn’t be feeling in the pose and how to increase or decrease the intensity of the pose – you have to experience it to understand! I recommend Grant for all ages, abilities and backgrounds and pretty soon you will find yourself writing a review to encourage others, like me J Namaste


Jaden, Entrepreneur 

I've been practicing daily with Grant for over 2 years. You will have a hard time finding a more authentic, grounded, and devoted individual to guide you through the development of your practice. From LA to London to India, I've practiced with many teachers and have yet to find what I've found with Grant. Words cannot describe the impact this has had on my life, but if I had to, it has created the inspiration for me to live in Truth and be of service to the world in the best way that I can. Showing up to practice will be one of the best ways you can show up for yourself, so take action if you feel called.

claudia testimonial.jpeg


For many years yoga studios have been a place to practice physical postures. I felt like something was missing, but I didn't quite know what that was yet. I am just trying to give context so that whomever is reading this can understand the magnitude of gratitude I have for the yoga being taught with Grant. See to me, the yoga is not just about postures... It is far, far deeper than that. Little did I know that I was about to find those "missing" pieces I was searching for. Grant goes beyond just teaching you different practices, but will show you why and how you are practicing. You are given tools above and beyond just that of the posture. You connect to something deeper. Simply put, yoga with Grant has genuinely had a profound impact on my life.


Now, I firmly believe that there are many things that will work, different paths/places/practices one person can follow, and yoga just happens to be one of those that do in fact work. Bold statement, I know. But try it out, experience one session for yourself, and I'm confident you will see the magic too. 


I only have the utmost respect for  Grant and to all that he shares. Thank you. 


I firmly encourage anyone who is looking for those "missing" pieces to practice with yoga with Grant, and continue your personal journey of expansion.

  • Investigative questions intended to guide you towards empowerment.

    30 min

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