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Retreat with your spiritual family

One of the most important things we can do on the evolutionary path is take time to immerse ourselves in practice, study, and growth. 

This is why we make it a point to retreat together - as a sangha - several times throughout the year. 

Having seen firsthand the incredible benefit of retreating from the world and focusing on my healing, growth and spiritual practice, I work closely with different retreat centers where I feel the energy is safe and contained to do this, and organize different levels of retreat for various purposes.

Each year there are retreats of different types to choose from, depending on where you are on your path. 

The intention is the same for all of them -- bring people together to connect deeply to the Heart, to Spirit, to life, and from there we expand with new creativity, new inspiration, and new joy. 

If attending a retreat with me and the amazing team that I work with is something that you feel inspired by, then have a look at my offerings below.

Retreat Offerings

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