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1) Realize my own full potential (sadhana).

2) Awaken in others their dormant potential (satsang).

3) Leverage the awakening of a community to solve real world problems (sangha).


I see communities of healthy individuals thriving together in collaborative social ecosystems where we are experiencing a meaningful relationship to the Earth and one another, we celebrate each other, and we prioritize the healing of ourselves and our planet.

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I'm just a human being on a mission, with a vision. 

Much like you. 

My story matters only in-so-far-as-much as it has helped me to define my mission, vision, and values.  

I value basic human rights, which are everyone's sovereign choice to embody.

For those who do not feel like they have a choice, my work is to show you that you do. 

My freedom is tied to your freedom. 

Here's to (y)our empowerment.

-Grant Ifflander


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Emily Williams
Yoga Teacher and Retreat Leader

There are so many words that I could write to express my gratitude for Grant, yet none of them convey the depth. Grant shares the gift of transmutation with everyone he meets. He is real, he is alive, he is magic! His leadership is filled with grace, compassion, integrity and dedication; all attributes I hope to share.

My partner and I met Grant at a Kirtan in Uvita, a gathering we had been randomly invited to while visiting a beach in Dominical. In essence we were strangers, yet when I entered the room, he came and hugged me; it was as though I had known him for eons. This is the magic that he brings to EVERYONE, and that EVERYONE carries with them into their daily lives.

My partner and I felt the nudge to create a retreat in Costa Rica, and we knew for sure that we wanted Grant to be a part of it. Having only met him once, I wasn’t sure if it would be something he was interested in. I reached out. He didn’t hesitate, he answered with a “YES! When? Where?”. Working with him was effortless, he came in knowing exactly what the group needed, almost as though he had been a fly on the wall through the entire retreat. His Kirtan was one of the highlights of the retreat, for me, my partner and ALL who attended. Grant sees the value in connection, in community, is expansion, and he brings out the best in every soul he encounters. For his service, his authenticity and his friendship, I am truly grateful.

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