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Why Breathwork?

Grant facilitating a Shamanic Breathwork ceremony
Grant facilitating a Shamanic Breathwork ceremony

I've been writing a lot, putting out a ton of content, and just in general doing a lot of work on the topic of Breathwork these past few months.... why?

Well, for starters, I feel like teaching and transmitting quality Breathwork resources to my friends and community is a part of my mission to empower people in living the most extraordinary life possible.

Through this online platform that I've been steadily cultivating over the past year or so I've been searching for ways to really support the sangha of practitioners in all these different areas of the world that I'm connected with.

Breathwork is one direct and effective means for this transmission to take place.

Teaching yoga asana is a different story and is something that I feel is far more valuable and effective when we get to gather in person, like my annual retreat that happens in Costa Rica each year. The next one is April 2023; you can learn more here.

However, Breathwork on the other hand (known as pranayama by the yogis), is a powerful tool that can reach & transform many people if the right understanding, intention and application is in place.

The reason for this is simple -- conscious breathing, or breathing with a systematic and intentional approach, can lead to greatly empowered states of consciousness. Yes, Breathwork can cultivate competencies such as: clarity of mind, stability in the nervous system, sensitivity of the nerves, and greater directionality of one's awareness.

What I've found helpful as I proceed on my own path of practice, sharing and teaching these sacred technologies is to simplify and consolidate our understanding, and then put it into practice.

Which is exactly why I've outlined the three pillars of Breathwork and discuss in my new e-book exactly how these three pillars help solve the three main issues we face in our daily life. These three issues are the result of a mind that is untrained. An untrained mind that takes us away from presence, from feeling ourselves and our surroundings, and from maintaining focus.

The yogis knew that training the mind was the key to a successful life, and that Breathwork was the primary means of training that the mind must undergo. The reason for this is that breathing links our mind to the life-force, or prana, and when we start to develop our prana, our mind's intentions becoming more potent and effective. Instead of having good ideas but never being able to follow through on them, we develop a mind that can hold steady with its focus and execute on the most necessary tasks to achieve the life of our dreams. Our ideals become more readily manifest and translatable in our daily actions, as opposed to remaining lofty ideals.

The yoga that I've learned and teach is the yoga of bringing spirituality to Earth. Of bringing the unmanifest into form. Of being a bridge for the higher vibrational states of awareness to come down and be created here in this moment on this Earth plane. What this means practically is developing a nervous system that is capable of holding, sustaining and maintaining higher frequencies so that when we ARE inspired or we DO have a great idea, we can actually hold on to that higher ideal for long enough without becoming afraid of its success. The problem is that we push away better things because we aren't prepared to handle them. We self-sabotage, self-limit, and keep ourselves trapped by the mind's belief systems. Breathwork allows us to overcome and transcend the mind and tap into the universal life-force, the prana that makes it all work. We literally become quantum Jedis.

These methods and what I am talking about is exactly what I've been using for the past 8 years to get where I am today. Obviously I still have a long way to go -- I'm no master and I'm far from perfect -- but I've made some significant strides in my personal, spiritual, and entrepreneurial life. My entire reality has shifted as I've been putting these methodologies into practice and learning more and more about WHY they are so important to human life.

I believe an extraordinary way is possible and that it is not a drastic change we need to make. I believe it is a step-by-step process, a gradual attunement and training of the mind and nervous system, that slowly shifts things into higher octaves and vibrational realities.

We CAN become strong, resilient, sensitive creatures that are capable of great things, with more creativity, health, abundance, and happiness than we ever thought possible.

And, according to the yogis at least -- and from my own experience, as well -- it starts with breath cultivation. Simple, effective, but consistent application of methodologies that have been around for millennia... leading us all to the extraordinary condition promised by saints and sages of ages past.

The Kingdom of God exists within.

Through an enlightened nervous system and mind, all things are made possible.

Breathwork is a clear and direct way to begin or continue this process.

Join me for one of my weekly sessions and let's breathe our way into an enhanced life. Remember to use the code "sangha" if you are returning for $5 off, or "welcometothesangha" if it's your first one to come for FREE.

I look forward to breathing with you all.

Here's to an extraordinary life.

Grant T. Ifflander

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