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14 Day
Breathwork Challenge

May 15 - May 28, 2022

Reclaim sovereignty. Empower yourself. Take ownership over your mind and destiny.


Join Grant and the Sangha for this 14 day challenge in which you will receive daily guidance and support towards your commitment to establish a consistent Breathwork practice. 

By the end of this 14 days, you will have everything you need to:

  • Have the tools needed to create the mindset you desire at the start of every day

  • Be able to understand and apply the methodologies from ancient yogic science for modern results 

  • Empower yourself and regain control over your mental processes 

  • Cultivate for yourself a straightforward technique to be able to access a pristine and clear mindset whenever you need it

  • Connect with beautiful practitioners and Sangha from around the world

  • Know how to integrate your spiritual life into your daily life

  • And more!

By registering you will receive:

  • ONE audio recording of a 20 minute guided Breathing practice 

  • THREE video recordings for better understanding of the technique

  • Access to SIX recorded video replays of our signature course, The Art of Sadhana, a 6-week course on how & why to create and refine a personal practice

  • Exclusive insight and fresh inspiration everyday from Grant directly based on his OWN personal practices and the energy that he has accumulated after nearly 8 years of daily sadhana

  •  Access to our private WhatsApp group for support and community

  • Discounts to future offerings with Grant such as upcoming courses, trainings or retreats


How it works: 

  • Register below and you will be added to the RSVP list

  • You will then receive instructions via e-mail and an invite to join the private WhatsApp group. The e-mail is sent out the day before the challenge starts (on May 14th)

  • In the e-mail with instructions, you will find a daily technique with a guided audio recording if you wish to follow along, and the video recordings and resources for additional support 

  • Everyday for 14 days you will commit to your daily Breathwork practices to align yourself with your highest intention

This is not for those looking for another fad, but for those seeking serious transformation.

 Join the Sangha!

To register for this challenge is absolutely FREE... however, you are invited and encouraged to commit your own time and energy to your process

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