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The Secrets of Yoga
Breathwork & Prāṇāyāma Masterclass 

a FREE 60 minute online workshop meant to give you, the practitioner, the most valuable insights, secrets, and nuanced techniques of yogic breathing practices (prāṇāyāma)

Although the LIVE date for this Masterclass has passed, you can watch the replay below:

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Who's this for?

  • You've been a breathworker for some time and feel that there is something more to these practices 

  • You believe in the power of the breath and want to understand more about it

  •  You have either taken a yoga training or are interested in yoga, but aren't into yogaerobics or yog-ercise

  • You want to clear out old patterns, beliefs, and self-limiting behaviors​​

  •  You are a space-holder and want to deepen your embodiment + sharpen your abilities & competencies as a facilitator 

  •  You feel inspired to adopt a daily breathing routine but don't know where to start or feel unconfident in the material out there

  • You want to learn more about the tradition from which breathwork stems

Registration Includes

  • A live 60 minute workshop which includes a combination of practice and theory ($200 value)

  • Lifetime access to the recording 

  • Invitation to join a private WhatsApp group with other practitioners 

  • A FREE 30 minute audio recording of a guided breathwork practice ($20 value)

  • Access to previous masterclass "Kriya Breathwork Fundamentals" ($200 value)

  •  Take home practices for your personal development

grant edits-3778-3.JPG

About your instructor

meet Grant Ifflander....

a practitioner of the ancient arts, Grant found yoga in his efforts to heal from injuries (both physical and spiritual). After a series of incredible synchronicities, Grant met his Hatha Yoga teacher in India in 2016, who introduced him to the advanced internal practices of Kriya. Over the years Grant has dedicated his life to a full-time effort of studying, researching, and applying the methods of spiritual transformation that his teacher and others introduced him to. Doing this work has led him through a complete personal and spiritual transformation, which has included moving to Costa Rica, finding his dream home and partner, and living life on his own terms. He believes radical joy, self-responsibility, and true fulfillment are available for anyone willing to do "the work". It is with great pleasure that he shares what he has learned with others.

What you will learn...

  • Grant's personal favorite breathing practice and why he commits just 15 minutes a day, every day to this technique

  • What Yoga is really meant for and how Yoga and breathwork are connected

  • What prana is and how it is linked to the mind

  • The difference between pranayama and breathwork

  • The connection between the body and mind

  • How to apply this esoteric knowledge to support your personal practice and home life


Alastair, IT Solutions Expert 

The level of practical knowledge that Grant's courses impart is incredible, direct learning of key fundamentals that can be applied to deepen and improve your practices the same day!

Shared with an easy-going, caring wisdom that only comes from a deep respect and curiosity of the very material Grant is himself working with, these courses are so easy, so light and yet so profound in their nature that I have no hesitation in recommending Grant's courses to anyone looking to make progress with both their daily practice and with themselves.


Barbara, Women's Empowerment Coach & Bhakti Yogi

As I end facilitating a retreat, I can only thank Grant so much for the few months of sharing and expansion so far. Grant's sharings and full power Prana have imbibed my being and have greatly supported the women part of the retreat this weekend - I am in full gratitude and thank you so much. 

jan with puppy.jpeg

Jan, Father and Bodyworker

I met Grant online a few years ago and since then have attended several of his courses on yoga. We worked in depth with pranayama and Kriya breathwork . It's been a little over a year of daily practice and I can say that it has been moving a lot of energy. The daily practice has helped me identify a lot of karmic mechanisms, or loops of energy that have kept me "stuck". Some moments have been wonderful, others difficult, but I kept practicing daily and stuck to it. Grant helped me remember my connection, my faith in god and prayer. He is a great teacher and for me not being a "yogi" his approach is fresh and straightforward. I warmly recommend courses with Grant, you will learn a lot about what real sadhana is, what yoga is, and also about yourself.

The LIVE date for this Masterclass has passed.

Enter your e-mail to subscribe to our e-mail list and receive FREE access to the recording for the Masterclass, the Secrets of Yoga: Breathwork

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