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Why Meditation Doesn't Work

Anyone out there a regular meditator?

Creating time in your day to sit still and become quiet?

From the outside, it can seem like nothing is happening.

And sometimes this is correct 😅

Many spiritual traditions emphasize the value of meditation to help us overcome our conditioning. (Conditioning is the neuroplastic groves that create karmic behavior and inauthentic i.e. “learned” personality)

However meditation, or rather the attempt to meditate, does not necessarily provide this as a guaranteed result.

The mind and nervous system needs an input of fresh energy to escape the orbit of conditioning.

Makes sense, right?

Our conditioned mind has a sort of gravitational pull. This is why it’s so hard to make real changes to ourselves, our lives, and “escape the orbit” . Re-defining and re-creating ourselves is not so easy.

There is all this talk about “getting out of the matrix” but do people understand what matrix they are actually talking about???

Tantric (and Hatha) Yoga traditions emphasize the importance of preliminary Kundalini rousing techniques to lead one into meditation. There is a reason for this.

Their reason was simple. These yogis understood that for meditation to be effective — as in, for it to provide a result that was worth the time and effort — their system had to be “energized”. There needed to be something to provide the fuel (shakti) necessary to burn up whatever was obstructing the path forward.

Most (if not all?) of the techniques from these traditions are designed to do exactly this.

Real human spiritual transformation is not some lofty ideal. It’s not an intellectual pursuit. It has to do with rearranging the molecules and chemistry in one’s body-mind so that the individual’s reality *actually* changes.

Our true potential is far, far more than what we believe ourselves to capable of.

An extraordinary reality awaits....

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