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What We Want in Life

I think it's wise for each person to consider what they want in life. I think it's wise to contemplate on the most important things for us to have or strive for. I think it's wise to do our best to align our thoughts, actions and behaviors with our innermost desires. Not what we seem to want on the surface, or what culture/society tells us we want. But what our heart and soul wants.

This is about finding our own authentic spirituality. Our own authentic connection to divinity -- that luminous inner spark of light within each of us. We cannot read about it. It's not something you get in a weekend workshop or a retreat or a plant medicine journey. Sure, it can be touched on in these experiences but we are talking about the manifestation of each individual's unique path. The ultimate expression of their soul essence as embodied in the human form. The Divine coming down and through the human into the world.

Building a relationship to the Creator, to this inwardly expansive authentic radiance, takes time. There is an order to it. perhaps it is "cosmic". But understanding that we have a role to play in the vastness of this universe and that role is up to us to discover, can maybe help us seek to find out. Maybe hearing about this is enough for you, or me, or us.

Spirituality is a difficult thing, and yet it is so simple. We just have gotten lost and confused in the mire of daily living. Ignorance reigns supreme and we've lost touch with our intuition, with the whisper of the heart, and the way the trees speak. We no longer speak the language of the birds and insects, but they are trying to tell us things. We used to be in dialogue with life, and now we are filled with assumptions and expectations and projections about how things are, losing touch with the sheer mystery and magick of this existence.

Bringing ourselves back to the mystical way is what I'm interested in. Bringing back the cosmic awareness. Moving from our limited human minds into a more expansive view of the world. The sublime worldview of Tantra and Yoga is a helpful tool for understanding what I am talking about. Seeing the Universe as a play of Shiva and Shakti. Consciousness and energy intersecting with matter and giving birth to all the beauty that we see.

May we learn to have eyes and ears to see and hear the Divine; may our skin be sensitive enough to feel the Divine; may our lips taste the sweetness of nectar that is our immortal existence. May the heart know the truth.

Our lives our filled with magick. Everything we do is an act of miraculous proportion. Our ability should never be Create is not lost to our awareness, and this ability of Creation should never be underestimated for it's simple majesty. We are here as co-creators with the Universe and have been tasked a cosmic duty. Bring more beauty into this world! Bring more love, more compassion, more joy, more light! What else is worth it? Does the world need more "things"? Do we need more "things"? What is so valuable that it is priceless, and yet so simple and free all at once? Do more of THAT. Bring THAT into form. The numerous Gods and Goddesses of so many different spiritual traditions are waiting to help you in this divine mission.

That is the goal and purpose of spirituality. Discover your divine essence and use it to illuminate this world. Satisfy your soul's calling. Manifest the Creator and be a living example of the magick of life.

God is waiting for us. Let us never forget this sacred path.

with love,

Grant Ifflander




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