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What is "the Path"?

Contemplating here this morning on the concept of "the path". Maybe you've contemplated on this throughout your journey. I certainly have, and do quite often. What is "the path"? How do I know if I'm on it? Where am I going? What is my destination? Is knowing all of this important?

Certainly there is value is understanding, at least conceptually, the goal that I am seeking (if I am seeking). Right?!

I think so.

I also think that there is value in honest self-reflection; looking at the steps I've taken and have yet to take. I see it too often: people become stagnant when they no longer invest themselves sincerely into their growth. We fall into our comfortable ruts. Happens all the time. I've been there. Guilty. And I know that, after periods of extensive self-development, I tend to sit back on my laurels and wait for the next phase of "growth". But, am I waiting and resting for longer than I need to? Or are there areas in my life that I am not attending to where, if I could honestly focus my energy and attention there, it would lead me to some big expansion?

I wonder about these things.

You know, I try not to look out at the world and blame or criticize. I try. I'm not perfect. I still notice judgments arising within me from time to time. And I see how difficult it is to be on this "path", as we are calling it. But... why?! What even is this thing about?