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What is Keeper's of the Earth?

Whew, here it goes.

This has been a conversation I've been afraid to have for awhile.

The announcement of me leading a Yoga Teacher Training course, finally.

Why have I been putting it off?

Because I've been wanting to make sure people get the RIGHT training. Which means I need to go through enough time in the trenches of practicing and teaching that I can be sure I'll be passing on something of legitimacy, something of value, something of honor and respect to the lineages which have birthed me.

And I think I am finally closing in on it.

Keeper's of the Earth is the first of its kind, a blend of traditional Hatha Yoga, Classical Tantra, and ancient shamanic practices.

The name came to me when I realized how important it was to provide adequate training to people who wanted to preserve the Sacred Wisdom of this Earth.

What are the means by which we can pay respect to all cultures, all traditions, and all paths?

How can we take so much care of ourselves, of each other, and our precious Earth that the true spirituality -- the spirituality of our inherent nature -- becomes obvious, irrespective of caste, creed, belief, or path?

Can we come into alignment with our true essence, and therefore discover the path that we are supposed to walk is the one we are on?

Can we learn and educate ourselves according to these sacred traditions and seek to embody their teachings?

Can we have the humility to first become good practitioners so that we can eventually be great teachers?

Imagine this:

- Deep nature immersion with your soul tribe (sangha)

- Intense spiritual practice (sadhana)

- Real & lasting neurobiological shifts

- Complete transformation of the nervous system

- Purification of one's body, mind, and spirit

- Initiation for the soul into an entirely new way of being

- Ceremonies, rituals, magick, mysticism... all grounded in the Reality of life

- Sharpening your tools to take it all home with you and into the world....

This is what Keeper's of the Earth is about, and I am excited to share more with you as the time continues. For now, please keep your eyes and ears peeled. This is an emergent process for me. I am gathering all the bits and pieces that I have accumulated over the years and organizing it into a really solid, really transformative training and initiation experience.

I am very excited and honored to be birthing this vision and would love for you to be there if it calls to you.

With deep love and respect,

Grant Ifflander

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