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Speaking to the intention of this website:

This online portal was created with one goal - to invite fellow human beings to explore the unfathomable potentials residing within. The process of uncovering our hidden potential can be encapsulated in the yogic term sadhana.

Sadhana (sah-duh-nuh) - “the way of accomplishment” can be used to describe the systematic and intentionally applied methodology which ultimately leads one to self-empowerment, self-mastery and personal sovereignty.

The materials presented on this site emerge out of one man’s insight pertaining to his path through life, and are extended as an offering from one human heart to the next, with an intention to inspire, empower, and encourage others on their respective journeys.

Treat this portal as an environment intended to stoke the inner fire for awakening... an inner fire that consumes all that is not love in your life.

Enjoy your journey and may blessings be upon you as you travel.

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