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Grant's Personal Journey

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

On the quest to understand and reveal his dormant potentials, Grant was first introduced to a daily breath and mind discipline through practicing yoga in July 2014. Prior to this, he had invested seven years into training his body through various forms of weight training, studies into nutrition, and other performance optimization technologies. Yoga was the bridge to show him the untapped potentials that could only be discovered through proper mind and breath training.

Within a year of practice, he left his career as a mortgage banker with only a vague feeling in his heart that he should invest all of his time and energy into the yogic path. After two years of devoted study and practice, in May 2016 Grant decided to leave home and travel the world in search of more knowledge on the subject of Yoga. Arriving to a small ashram in Rishikesh, India, he was surprised to encounter Steve Harrison on the very first day, whom Grant instantly recognized as his teacher, although before this the two had never met. Steve was the creator of a yoga school (the Yoga Sanctuary in the United Kingdom) where he had been practicing, teaching and sharing the wisdom of this ancient science for the past two decades. After searching through Costa Rica, Panama, and India, apparently it was England that Grant was destined to travel.

From September to December 2016, Grant underwent an extensive and intensive bout of study and training with Steve, after which he received the inner signal that it was time to return home. An energy had awoken in him. Although still relatively fresh on his journey with Yoga, he was now equipped with the necessary tools and an inner understanding that would help him develop his nervous system to a higher capacity and thus advance along the path.

Since this time, Grant has worked diligently to apply the methodologies laid down by his teacher to enhance the flow and increase his awareness of the life-energy in his body. Because he felt strongly that these methods could truly empower others and support them on their path, he created his own home into a yoga school which evolved to become ‘Bridge the Gap Yoga’ and is now an international platform (thanks to online technology!) Although he has taught in many different settings and to different crowds, Grant loves to invest his time teaching and practicing from home (which is currently Costa Rica).

It is through thousands of hours of dedicated training, both under the guidance of Steve and in his own self-initiated spiritual laboratories, that Grant continues to refine his ability to deliver the Method to practitioners looking for tools that are both potent and effective. It is his great honor to share these powerful technologies with anyone who has a real hunger in their heart and a thirst to drink from the infinite well of life.

Read about the Living Yoga Method here.

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