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Kriya, Chakras & Kundalini

a nine-week introductory online course with Grant Ifflander to explore the intricate and esoteric depths of the chakra system and Kundalini as seen through the lens of Tantrik and Kriya Yoga. 

Course Summary

At this day and age, there is a wealth of information available to all those who seek it. But, as they say, information becomes a liability when it is not applied. The chakra system, Kriya Yoga, and kundalini are subjects from which a large body of literature has been produced, and there is much conversation emerging.

From where do these concepts originate, and is there a practicality of this knowledge?

How can we apply what the yogic traditions has provided to us in a direct and authentic way?

What does it mean to practice the art and science of spiritual transformation as seen through the lens of Kriya Yoga?  


This course will systematically introduce to the practitioner the speculative origins of the chakra system as well as what the Tantrik texts say about Kundalini, and integrate this ancient knowledge into modern New Age thought and practice.  Through a series of specifically designed mantras and kriyas which we will learn together, the practitioner will advance from the base of the spine up to the brain to awaken and energize the dormant energies of the Central Nervous System.

Grant Ifflander is excited to invite you to join him on this nine week journey of unlocking your highest potential through Kriya Yoga.

Course Includes

- Eight live lectures with combination of practice & theory 

- Lifetime access to the recordings of lectures

-  WhatsApp group for community engagement, questions and answers

- Homework for your personal sadhana development

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About your instructor

meet Grant Ifflander....

practitioner of the ancient arts, Grant found yoga in his efforts to heal from injuries (both physical and spiritual). After a series of incredible synchronicities, Grant met his Hatha Yoga teacher in India in 2016, who introduced him to the advanced internal practices of Kriya. Over the years Grant has dedicated his life to a full-time effort of studying, researching, and applying the methods of spiritual transformation that his teacher and others introduced him to, which led to radical personal and spiritual transformation. It is with great pleasure that he shares his discoveries with others.

What you will learn...

- The actual Tantrik origins of the chakra system and how this corresponds to New Age thought

- What the scriptures say about Kundalini 

- What is Kriya? (as defined by the Yoga Sutras)

- The lineage of Kriya Yoga 

- Different yogic terminology related to kundalini such as nadis, prana, shakti, chakra shuddhi, etc.

- The bija mantras corresponding to each chakra

- Introduction to Kriya Yoga pranayama

- How to apply this esoteric knowledge to support your personal practice and home life

- and more!


Barbara, Women's Empowerment Coach & Bhakti Yogi

As I end facilitating a retreat, I can only thank Grant so much for the few months of sharing and expansion so far. Grant's sharings and full power Prana have imbibed my being and have greatly supported the women part of the retreat this weekend - I am in full gratitude and thank you so much. 


Alastair, IT Solutions Expert 

The level of practical knowledge that Grant's courses impart is incredible, direct learning of key fundamentals that can be applied to deepen and improve your practices the same day!

Shared with an easy-going, caring wisdom that only comes from a deep respect and curiosity of the very material Grant is himself working with, these courses are so easy, so light and yet so profound in their nature that I have no hesitation in recommending Grant's courses to anyone looking to make progress with both their daily practice and with themselves.


Joanna, Digital Nomad

No matter how I experienced Grant, whether thru his online courses or music, he shares deeply rooted wisdom that lands right in my heart. I love his casual and responsive approach while diving deep and delivering teachings that expand my life. I’ve learned a lot and added mantras to my daily practices, now with more awareness, freeing my voice in the process, which has been my intention for the year. Grant, thank you for being such a great teacher and brother who inspires me greatly! 

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Kriya, Chakras and Kundalini
Kriya, Chakras and Kundalini
Multiple Dates
Mar 01, 2022, 11:00 AM CST
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