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to Improve Your Relationships
& Enhance Your Sex Life  

an e-book by Grant Ifflander


Here you will find the necessary supportive resources for this e-book. 

Audio Recordings:
Pillar #1 - Stabilizing the Mind:

10 minute Breathwork audio recording

Pillar #2 - Sensitizing the Mind

10 minute Breathwork audio recording

Pillar #3 - Directing the Mind 

10 minute Breathwork audio recording

If you need additional support

book here


Practicing with Grant is the opportunity of a lifetime. The depth of his experience paired with the accessibility of his teachings make the wisdom of yoga truly available to all who are curious. His Breathwork teachings in particular have created a connection to the divine previously unexperienced, creating greater intimacy in life, love, and work.

Jack R. - Vice President, Client Partnerships

I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Grant while on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica. This beautiful soul is a true inspiration for living your best life. His wisdom, heart, joy and pure light continuously radiate from him! When given the opportunity to work with him in Breath Camp it was an easy decision, yes absolutely say yes! His insight, humor, honor and love shine through so authentically. With his guidance and support we learn how to bring hope, connection, love, space, and so much more into our daily practice. I have already learned so much from this work and look forward to continuing my journey with Grant and all the beautiful souls he brings together. The connections being made through Breath Camp are undeniable and life changing!!! Thank you Grant for creating such a beautiful platform to explore, learn and grow together!

Tania W. ~ Costa Rica Retreat 2021

If you are interested in enhancing your personal ‘tool box’ of mind body and breath development I fully encourage you to join in. Grant leads a fun in depth zoom class that keeps us all engaged.  I love the way Grant breaks down the big picture of yoga into simple easy functional steps in getting deep into our personal development.

Rick H. ~ Costa Rica Retreat and Online Student

The level of practical knowledge that Grant's courses impart is incredible, direct learning of key fundamentals that can be applied to deepen and improve your practices the same day! Shared with an easy-going, caring wisdom that only comes from a deep respect and curiosity of the very material Grant is himself working with, these courses are so easy, so light and yet so profound in their nature that I have no hesitation in recommending Grant's courses to anyone looking to make progress with both their daily practice and with themselves.

Alastair C. ~ UK Retreat and Online Student

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