Equal parts magician, yogi, and shaman, Grant is second to none.


Hi, I'm Grant

I help & guide people who are struggling to connect to their heart, to their authenticity, and to their soul purpose through the use of ancient wisdom sciences such as Yoga, Tantra, Sacred Music, and indigenous shamanic practices


What has been said about Grant...

Online Student & Retreat Guest

It has been a true honour to have Grant as a teacher . He is one of the most engaging transporters of information I have ever met. Breaking down these ancient texts, in such a way that you are able to digest and embody the wisdom. His light hearted temperament and attention to detail allows for a beautiful experience. I have really enjoyed Grants online offerings and I am about to start the third course with him! I feel as though I have found a teacher I trust. Grant also has such wonderful musical offerings, get yourself to a kirtan if you can. It will be one to remember! 

Online Student & Retreat Guest

Grant's powerful teachings of Hatha Yoga and breath work supported me to reclaim my empowerment and connect with what is true to me. His Authenticity shines through and his retreats and online courses gave me the inspiration to recommit to my daily sadhana (self practice) and choose liberation over anything else. The way Grant weaves in deep esoteric wisdom and philosophy with the modern world is uplifting and makes it accessible to every student. I would recommend any of his courses, retreats or classes as he operates from the heart and is sure to put our growth and expansion as his top priority.

Online Student & Retreat Guest

The level of practical knowledge that Grant's courses impart is incredible, direct learning of key fundamentals that can be applied to deepen and improve your practices the same day! Shared with an easy-going, caring wisdom that only comes from a deep respect and curiosity of the very material Grant is himself working with, these courses are so easy, so light and yet so profound in their nature that I have no hesitation in recommending Grant's courses to anyone looking to make progress with both their daily practice and with themselves.

What I'm up to next...

  • Understanding "Sacred Space"
    Multiple Dates
    Sat, Dec 03
    Two, 2-hour workshops (December 3 & 4) on Sacred Space. Deepen your understanding of what Sacred Space means and support yourself and others through it. A workshop for leaders, teachers, coaches, and transformational facilitators of all types.
  • "The Chocolate Chant": Vocal Freedom Concert & Cacao Ceremony with Grant Ifflander
    Sat, Nov 26
    Join Grant for his signature offering "The Chocolate Chant" as he takes you through a magical musical odyssey & vocal journey of specially curated invocations, mantras, and medicine music accompanied by the guitar & shruti box. A full on ceremonial experience. Free the voice, free the Spirit