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The Prāṇāyāma Sangha

We are a culture of Practitioners. People dedicated to refine their craft. Determined to carve new energetic pathways and cleave through the illusions of the mind.

We are here to make a difference. We have received the divine spark of initiation -- the flicker of flame which invites us deeper on the path. We are reviving and reigniting the sacred fires of truth that have been carried forward since time immemorial.

Our investment in ourselves is our greatest priority. We know that there are practices which help us grow and become better versions of ourselves. We don't carry much for book learning but we do care for evolutionary actions. We will take whatever steps necessary to help us get over ourselves, getting over our own minds and deeper into Reality.

We aren't worried about the state of the world. We know that there are things outside of our control. We care so much for our planet and for Earth and this drives us in our devotion to our own Nature. We know that our Nature and THE Nature is inseparable. We sense that the most important thing we can do is create and maintain an inner alignment so that our individual self and the universe is in good reciprocity and equal exchange.

We feel in our heart that Yoga and other ancient sciences can help us and dedicate a little bit of our time each day to understanding these sacred traditions, both in our sadhana (practice) and in satsang (discussion).

We believe that real change is possible through communities of practitioners around the world who grow together using practical methods of evolution.

We are ready to be the change.

We are committed.

We are here.

Once a week, gathering as The Prāṇāyāma Sangha.

Come breathe, yogis.

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